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We offer you tailor-made solutions adapted to: your needs, the stage you are at in your ‘food project’, your product, your concept…

You are: a restaurant? A shop? A drinks brand? A food brand?  

Whether it’s a one-off intervention to define a positioning or medium-term support for the execution of your marketing: we discuss it and offer you what’s best for you.

We can offer you a complete service thanks to our large network of graphic designers, community managers, digital marketing experts, press relations experts, events experts, etc.

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Voici quelques exemples de missions que nous réalisons pour nos clients:

  • picto nouveaux concepts

    New food concepts

    Your need: You have too many ideas in your head and/or you have trouble seeing your concept clearly?

    Our role: To shake up your ideas and make them emerge into a clear concept and to accompany you in your opening marketing.

    Some examples: Comptoir Rodin, Tadao, Sao Thaï Cuisine, la Petite Parisienne, Belg’Eat, Korner….

  • picto Concepts en expansion

    Growing food concepts

    Your need: Are you asking yourself questions in order to be serene in your expansion?

    Our role: To take a step back from your concept, to analyse it from the inside with an outside eye, to provide a strategic marketing vision and to put in place an action plan.

    Some examples: Donki, Barbecue de Jacky, Eskape, Woké,…

  • Picto concepts en attente de marketing

    Food concepts awaiting marketing

    Your need: You have grown quickly and have not taken the time to set up a marketing strategy/department?

    Our role: To analyse with you the concept, the strategy of the company, to define the positioning, to propose a marketing plan on the medium term and to accompany you in the implementation.

    Some examples: Be Burger, Knokke-Out, Otomat…

  • Pico Concepts arrivant sur Bruxelles ou en Belgique

    Concepts coming to Brussels or Belgium

    Your need: You don’t have marketing resources on site or don’t know the market well?

    Our role: To analyse with you the concept, to challenge the concept vs this new market for you, to help you to integrate well and to be your marketing relay on the spot.

    Some examples: Otomat,…